Snake Eyes!

High-stakes testing means that for the most part the teachers will teach to the test.  As teachers we need to stop this practice.  Students who are taught to the test have a very shallow pool of learning.  If we do this, then our role changes from that of a teacher to just a container of information.  If we’re just passing out information with no pedagogy involved we might just as well let the corporations deliver their box ‘o knowledge on the front steps of the school and go home.

Even worse, these adults who should know better, cheat.  If you put someone’s job, their reputation, their pride on the line, it’s not just cream that rises to the top.  Case after case has come to light about adults who faked tests results just to make sure that their school “won”.  In truth, because they cheated, no one one at all won and the students that were marginalized fell further behind.  To read one such horror story, check out this link here:

High stakes testing has become a high stakes contest, sort of our reality show “Hunger Games”, something we need to win at any price without reflection on what the costs of our actions will be.


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