Things Fall Apart – The Centre Cannot Hold (Yeats)

Structure – First it was the ISBE State Standards and now it is the Common Core.  I actually liked the state standards.  They were pretty clear and they left enough wiggle room that you could build a magic lesson plan if you really tried hard.   (Ask me about the tiny little village we built as a geometry project.)  Then they upped the game.  The states moved to Common Core.  According to these new standards, students who had been tooling along just fine were now three years behind.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is important to have a framework to hang things on but it was as if we were playing a game and we were winning, so the other side decided to change the rules in the middle and make it harder for us to win.  I think that we need to consider moderation in all things…including overhauling our education system.


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