Stop the Insanity!

I am not quite sure how we stop the stories told by the dominant powers; I only know that we must.  We cannot afford to lose our public schools.  We cannot allow the privatization of our schools.  If the magnet and charter schools are all that we have, what happens to those children that do not make it in to those schools?  Are we culling them?  Do they just become the servant class?  Sort of like an American version of Downton Abbey?

John Dewey has been a hero of mine since I started college and first read some of his writings.  His belief in the power of the public school and the need for quality education for everyone has been inspirational to me.  I have taken his words to heart and try to incorporate them into my teaching.

Can we look at Finland’s model?    Can we talk about that teaching model and spread the word that teaching is an honor.  That it is a hard job, but a job worth doing well.  Could we teach new teachers how to manage their classrooms so they could actually teach the kids?  Could we have administrators that were teachers instead of CEO’s so that they understand what we were talking about?

I think these things might help…


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